Why Land for Sale in Texas is a Great Investment | duPerier Texas Landman

If you’re looking for lucrative real estate investments, Texas has you covered. Land for sale in Texas is a great investment. Investors have been pouring money into Texas and it’s time you joined the chuck wagon train. Here’s why.


The Sky is Big and Wide Open


Texas has plenty of wide open spaces to exercise your personal freedoms on your Texas ranch lands. Whether you’re looking to build a homestead, raise cattle or hunt wildlife, you won’t hear any complaints from neighbors or lawmakers. There’s no place more free than Texas to be at home on the range and enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors. With vast land acreage opportunities to choose from at Texas Land Man, you’ll have your choice of properties from which to settle back in the saddle.


No Corporate or Personal Income Tax


Texas is one of only seven states with no corporate or personal income tax. That means you can hunt, fish or live on your ranchland in Texas without constantly looking over your shoulder for the taxman. If you don’t already live in Texas, not having these tax requirements is a great reason to move and invest in Texas land for sale!


Qualify for Ag Exempt Status


To qualify for the Texas Ag Exempt status, your land must have been used for agricultural purposes for the last five out of seven years. No problem with Texas Land Man ranches. With this exemption, your Texas land will be assessed for taxes for its agricultural value, not the market value. That’s a huge tax savings you can put in your pocket!


Land Use Permitting Process is Straightforward


In Texas, they take land use seriously. That’s why the Texas General Land Office provides easy access to permitting information for land use. Whether you want to utilize your Texas land investment for commercial use, environmental use or something else, you’ll be able to easily navigate the permitting process so that you’re compliant with regulations. In some cases, permitting assistance is available free of charge. Now that’s the southern welcome that Texas is known for!


Are you ready to dig in your heels and make your investment in Texas land? Contact Texas Land Man now to see what opportunities are waiting for you in the Lone Star State. There’s a variety of properties for you to choose from, each with endless opportunities!